Book Review Policy

     Have a book you think I'll like? Hit me up. I'll be happy to read it in exchange for an honest review! I accept physical books, ARCs, ebooks (made for kindle please) and even audiobooks for review. 
     I'll post reviews of the material, with pictures, on my Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads and blog. Please understand that sending me any material doesn't mean an immediate review, but know that it will be up on or before publication date.
     My blogs covers a WIDE range of books, from children's picture books all the way to adult high fantasy! All that I ask is that I do not get offered Christian fiction and nonfiction books unless it is in graphic novel format.
     Please send all inquires to

    Thank you!

If you would like to contact me you can find me on the internet at:

Twitter: @locpressedbooks
Instagram: iam_arlene_
Goodreads: LocPressedBooks

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