Dec 1, 2017


     We have made it to December folks! Happy Holidays! And all that holiday cheer to you and yours! I hope you holidays are filled with love and warmth (if you reside in colder climates) and may your days be filled with the magic of the season. Lets get to the books that I plan on/hope to read in the month of December. I have a lot to get through to finish out my Goodreads goal of 140 books for the year. I think with this I'll come in right at 100%.     The Power was my October BOTM pick and ever since I got it and Artemis in November, they have been on my mind something serious. And no doubt due to their popularity on social media I just have to give these books a shot. I will link to their Goodreads pages since I am not really sure as to what they are about since I want to go into them as blind as can be.
     Mama Day has been on my radar for a while, and I'm not sure if I had it on here before, but reading this book will help me for fill one last goals for the year and that was to read a Gloria Naylor book. And since I already have the audiobook for it, this is my choice. Once again, I'm not sure of what this book is all about, but It interests me. 
     Beloved is another book that I have decided to read for two reason: 1. It will help me read at least one Toni Morrison book (it was a goal of mines) and 2. It will help me get a feel for her writing since I believe on instagram, Didi from BrownGirlReading had mentioned reading a Morrison book for #ReadSoulLit in February which I would like to take part in. I have seen the movie years ago and it kind of freaked me out, but I'm older now I think I can handle this.
     NOS4A2 is probably my most favorite Joe Hill book, The Fireman coming in second and Horns coming in third. I read this at the end of 2015 and LOVED IT!! So in the spirit of the book and the season, I have to reread it.
     AExtraordinary Union I had won this book from Twitter earlier this year, I believe it was from Mocha Girls Reads (they pick some great books for their book club by the way) and I have been meaning to read this. It wasn't until BlackChickLit had mentioned that they were reading it and discussing it that it once again came on my radar so now I have to read it and listen to the podcast and  engage because It just sounds like a great book. The second book just came out last month. So I'd like to be caught up if I can.
     The Secret History Donna Tart has been an author that I have seen nonstop all year and while I own two of her three works I haven't gotten to them yet and this month I will. All I know is that this revolves around a murder and honestly that all I need to know to enjoy this book. I just hope that it loves up to all the hype surrounding it and not be a snorefest. *crosses fingers*
     The Warmest December is the next Bernice L. McFadden book that I want to read before the years end. And since the word December is in the title, it just felt like a sign. I have no doubts that this book is both going to make me feel deeply and there's a small chance that tears will appear. I can't wait.
     A Gathering of Old Men will be my second Earnest Gaines book after having read A Lesson Before Dying in high school and loved it. AGOOM I believe it is a mystery taking place in Louisiana on a sharecroppers farm in the 1970s. I know it's going to chuck full of racial tension with nuggets of social commentary. I'm here for it.
     Brown Girl In The Ring by Nalo Hopkinson will be the first of hers that I will read. Science fiction/fantasy books written by black women/women of color has definitely been a thing for me this year. Yet from looking at the reviews on Goodreads, not many have liked this book, or pretty much felt meh about the whole things, but I'd like to give it a try. I also have Skinfolks by her on my kindle that I can substitute just in case this isn't hitting the mark.
     And if I just so happen to have some time left, which I doubt, I want to get to Harry Potter and the Socercer's Stone, Chamber of Secrets and Prisoner of Azkaban because my library finally had those beautiful large illustrated versions of the books and I just can't turn those back in without a read. With that I leave you dear reader, but not without some Tuxedo Mask!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Nov 30, 2017


     Okay now, I want to warn you, before you continue on looking down at the many wonderful and that one shitty book that I read, I want to tell you that I know I had other books on my TBR for the month, but I'm going to be honest with you, when I started them, they bored me! They were either too info dumpy or were just plain old dry and I could not put myself through that. I read to enjoy! And when I pick up a nonfiction book, I do want to be educated but I do also have a certain way that I want my information. At least I know that when information is presented to me it will stick and can recall it later without a nasty taste, you know. Now this is not to say that later down the line I might change my mind and be open on how information is presented to me, but for right now I have narrowed my nonfiction to graphic novels and I have read some great ones this month. So without anymore blah, blah, blah from me, lets get to the books I read this month. 
How to be Black- ⭐⭐⭐.5
     I had this both in physical format and in audiobook form, and I think it is best listen to than read. Mainly because you get a better sense of who Baratunde Thurson is and the people on his Black Panel who narrate their parts in the book about what is to be black, grow up black, see blackness in America and what can come from it. There were moments when I gave a good laugh, the learning to swim part in particular, but all in all it was just okay. Being from DC myself and going to college on the Eastern Shore of MD, I understood and could recognize a lot of the things that Baratunde referencers when talking about his growing up in DC (I went to public schools though) And having a very hands on mother. Other than that while it was intelligent and written in a very non threatening format I think that both black people and non people of color could pick this up and get something from it. Not bad for my first nonfiction book in like years! 
Origin- ⭐⭐⭐⭐.5
     The newest installment in the Robert Langdon series takes us to Spain. Where Robert has been invited to a presentation done by one of his former students. His former student, Edmond Kirsch, is about to give this highly anticipated presentation that may change the world as we know it in terms of religion and science and where they both will be in the future! Robert is thrown once again in this search for truth and takes us on this crazy ride in this 400+ page book that was so hard to out down when I should have been starting on my next nonfiction read, but I can't help myself. I know people have this serious love/hate relationship when it comes to Dan Brown books and I am strongly in the former. Like pervious books in the Robert Langdon series this book is takes us on a grand adventure through Spain with tons of history references, religious references, scientific revolutions and how all three can be seen in the history of Spain. Brown paints a very beautiful picture. Reminding us to keep two questions in mind: where did we come from? And where are we going? The clash of science and religion in this book is so great, I highly recommend it.  
Born A Crime-⭐⭐⭐⭐.5
     For my second book I decided to pick up the audio book of Born a Crime, and I was not disappointed! Hearing what is it like growing up as a colored child in South Africa right from Trevor Noah's mouth was hi-lar-ious! I really enjoyed hearing about his life and I definitely see him in a new light. Yes, I knew he was South African and a comedian, but listening to him tell his tale gave me a new light to see him in. Being so light skinned that he was mistaken as a rap star and his relationship with his mother was everything. I really love his mother and how she thought of the world around them and how she passed those traits to her son. I think his mother was the second BEST part of this entire book, first being him and his crazy adolescent ways. 
     I think I have found a way of reading nonfiction that I really enjoy. In comic form a lot of the little things can be placed in the fames and just the words of our protagonist can shine. In this huge (400+ page) comic we follow a man by the name of Christophe AndrΓ© who is kidnapped one day and this is his story of the three months that he was taken from his job in the middle of the night and kept chained to a radiator. I didn't think a large book like this could keep my interest, but I was wrong, read this one in one day and I was instantly captured in his story and seeing how this was going to end. Very good. Wasn't on my TBR for nonfiction, but it was a great nonfiction pickup. 
Black Like Me- 
     I once found this book, years ago amongst my mothers things and it has always been in the back of my mind. Like why would a white man wear blackface (he took pills and sat under uv rays to change the pigmentation of his skin) and live a second class citizen in a land where he his treated normally like a "king" all in form of "research" during a high point of racial distrust in the Deep South of 1959. Another thing that kind of grinds my gears is the fact the black people he has been coming into contact with don't IMMEDIATELY don't see John Griffin as a white man in disguise! I don't know about you or where you grew up or what people you might have been exposed to Dear Reader, but when I tell you I have always felt as a black person that I can always tell when someone was of color or not. So obviously I think that his "research" and his "interactions" with black folks (which a lot took place at night) weren't all the way true, I just don't think they were the full recollections. This book was trash to me, a fast read that only took me a couple of hours but I definitely didn't care for it though.  It's being deleted from my kindle. 
Lightning Men- ⭐⭐⭐⭐
      The second book in the Darktown series by Thomas Mullen was something that I just couldn't wait anymore to read and thank goodness my library came in the clutch again with the audio right
after I ordered the book in the mail. I read the first one was fast I knew this one wasn't going to disappoint me. This one deals with the smuggling in of both moonshine and marijuana, the KKK and its connection to the local APD and the fact that neighborhoods are starting to get their first black residents and some folks (the white residents) aren't having it. Of course we still have our two favorite protagonist Boggs and Smith has they go through the mean streets of Atlanta, trying to the best of their abilities to serve and protect. In this book some of the issues that I mentioned in at the start here hit home for both Boggs and Smith and even affect the relationship between the two. I really enjoyed this book and I hope more are to come in this series.
Who Fears Death- ⭐⭐⭐⭐
     This is the 1st book in the Who Fears Death series and this one was a hard read. And hard to read in the fact of all the violence against women that takes place in this book. I mean really. Onyesonwu, our heroine, and her friends are set on this crazy life threatening journey to save their people. This book reminds me so much of the Akata Witch series by Dr. Okorafor but way more ADULT. Sex, female circumcision, rape, the children of rape, it's all in here. So readers beware. I personally liked The Book of Phoenix and thought that it was the better of the two books.
Ready Player One-⭐⭐⭐⭐
     Okay so I am a child of the 80's and I am a fan of the 80's. The movies, the music and even some of the fashion. So I'm not even going to get into the fact that some of the things talked about in this book just give me such joy. With that said, I will say is that reading/listening to this book was great experience. I really enjoyed Will Wheaton's narration and I highly recommend it if you decide to pick this up. So let me tell a little about the book, this famous computer programer/game creator named Halliday has died and has left his WHOLE inheritance up for grabs, but it's hidden in the OASIS, in which he has invented (it's this virtual reality that everyone on the planet lives in pretty much). Now enters Wade Watts, a "normal" teenager who happens to be obsessed with Halliday and all his creations and for the past five years after his death has taken up he mantle of finding Halliday's lost inheritance (him and like hundreds of other gunters). With the help of his friends he goes on this mission to find the egg, he of course comes up against this evil corporation, the IOI, who want the money and the power to control people and make this virtual world payable to them, more than it already is. This book was such a fun ride and I can't wait to see this in theaters next year. I just hope it does it justice. Please pick it up, it's a fun read. 
Andre The Giant, Life And Legend- ⭐⭐.5
     This graphic novel was set up pretty strange in the fact that it wasn't in chronological order it jumped forward a lot, almost would seem like a highlight reel of Andre the Giants life in the ring and outside the ring. Starting from where he was treated like crap in his village by his neighbors due to his size to fixing a car that broken down, carrying a box up several flights of stairs as a moving man and then poof his a wrestler (all of this in the first 36 pages of the book). Then it goes on to regale us with the other moments of Andre's life from his travels in Japan and his wrestling there to his bouts in America. One cool thing that I learned while reading this was in 1976 he fought a boxer by the name of Chuck "The Bayonne Brawler" Wepner, and while Andre was under the impression that it was all fun and games, no one told Chuck! Just to keep his reactions "real". This whole match was then recreated in Rocky III, where Chuck is played by Rocky and Andre is played by Hulk Hogan. I had no idea that this came from real life and I thought it was pretty cool I love the Rocky movies. All in all, I didn't think it gave me enough information on the man to really tell me who he was. There's a part in the very beginning by Terry "Hulk Hogan" Bollea where he tell us that Andre was a sweet man but people thought he was mean by the way he treated them but giving the excuse that his a GIANT in a world where things aren't meant/built from him and that we should give him some slack was kind of a copout to me. eh.
Relish: My Life In The Kitchen-⭐⭐⭐⭐
     This is definitely my second favorite #nonfictionNovember read of the month! I wasn't expecting to enjoy this graphic memoir as much as I did. I didn't know what to expect when I picked this up beside the bit of information that I got from its Goodreads page, a memoir about Lucy's life growing up with two parents who are really, really, really into good food. Her mom being a chef, Lucy really took to everything her mother taught her and pretty much walked right in her footsteps and found that a lot of her most wonderful memories all center around food and she decided to share that experience with us in this graphic novel. And I really liked it. I mean really. The coloring, the art style and especially loved the fact that there were step-by-step instructions on how to make some of her most delicious dishes such as chia tea, chocolate chip cookies, sangria, pesto, and more. Unlike the past two nonfiction graphic novels I have picked up this on was more "wordy" but I think to get the feel of Lucy's story it would have done it a grave injustice to use less words. Yes, a big yes. I'm actually planning on getting this to add to my shelves. And I also plan on reading some of her other graphic novel memoirs too. If you haven't picked up Relish, I would suggest that you do. 
The Devotion of Suspect X-⭐⭐⭐.5
     I'm not entirely sure where I found out about this book, but the keywords that set off my interest bells were: mystery and Japan. Sold! I haven't read many books that take place in Japan with a Japanese protagonist so I was very happy to once again catch this at my library. What I will say about this story is that it's very slow but it builds in a way that makes you want to keep reading to see what is going to happen. So a single woman living with her daughter working at the local sandwich shop has this no-good ex-husband who just won't let them be and one day he comes to their home and instead of just taking the money and leaving he ends up dead. An overhearing neighbor hears the commotion and after the deed has been done insists on helping the woman and her daughter. And now this is where the game begins, this slow churning cat and mouse game with the police who are pretty sure they know who did it, but finding the connection seems to be a never ending search. I liked the take on this book and I think that why I rated it so highly.
John Leguizamo: Ghetto Klown- ⭐⭐⭐
     I have always thought that John Leguizamo was a funny guy, he has stared in some of my all time favorite movies so when I was walking through the stacks of my library and found his autobiography I knew I had to pick it up. Who knew? What I will say that I liked about it was the fact that it was John from Johns POV without it being too jokey, which I liked most about it. This is John, you can tell, at his most honest state about is life. When he was down, when he was out of work when his relationships with his family, friends and significant others weren't doing so well and how all these things turned into stand-up gold. And realizing what he had to do in this world to complete himself as a man. The style of drawing (done by Christa Cassano and Shamus Beyale) and the coloring that was used in this graphic novel were very well done. The whole thing is done in these beautiful shades and hues of blue. If you're a fan of John Leguziamo and even want a bit of advice from a guy who felt lost at one point and watch the steps he took to "find himself" again I would suggest reading his autobiography.
The Boxer: The True Story of Holocaust Survivor Harry Haft-⭐⭐⭐⭐
     I had never heard to Harry Haft, but I'm glad I read his story. Harry, then known as Hertzko Haft, was 16 years old on the eve of his wedding when he inadvertently took the place of his older brother in line when the Nazi had occupied his town of Belchatow, Poland in 1939. The Nazi where setting up "registrations" tables but when it got to Hertzko that he would never see his brother again, he ran to him made a distraction and was taken instead. From then on it's a story of survival for Haft, where he is taken place to place in cattle cars and then by foot with other prisoners to various camps and it's not until he is assigned to Canada Commando and he meets a German SS soldier by the name of Schneider who tells Haft that to save him, he must do as he says and becomes a boxer and entertain the officers and soldier that run the camps. We follow his story told by his son Allen from the concentration camps to America where he still boxed in hopes of finding his estranged love, Leah. This was a such a good story and I'm very happy that I read it.
Loving Donovan-⭐⭐⭐⭐
     I read this book over Thanksgiving break and just like many of Ms. McFaddens books, it took no time for me to get into this story and start to care for the characters and the struggles that they go through. So Loving Donovan follows two characters one named Campbell and the other named Donovan. You follow these two people from childhood, through all the twists and turns of their own personal broken family lives all the way till they have a chance meeting and fall in love. That's all I can say, it's a pretty short book, coming in at about 230 pages. But once its over you'll wish there was more. I know I did. It's a heartbreaking tale.
Strange Weather -⭐⭐⭐⭐.5
     This collection of four short novels by one of my favorite writers. Since there are four things to talk about I'll just give you what I thought of each story, but I don't want to give too much away, I feel its better to get very little about the book before starting them so you'll be more surprised by how crazy they all are.
     The first story, Snapshot deals with this crazy camera, The Polaroid Man, and a young boy by the name of Michael Figlione. Taking place in the summer of 1988 this story takes place all in one day and is a crazy ride I loved the details of the story and it made me think of persons suffering from Alzheimer or dementia in a different way. (I gave it 4 stars)
     Loaded, the second story, was probably my favorite of the two, this one deals with a man named Kellaway who's a racist gun totting mall security guard, who's pretty much down on his luck. His wife is about to divorce him, there's a restraining order placed against him and one morning at the opening of the mall shots are fired and five people are dead and Kellaway is the only one left standing. Okay no more, I can't say anymore, but it was just so good, I had to make sure I did all my adulting before I could sit and finally enjoy this story all the way through. (I gave it 5 stars)
     Aloft, the third story was just okay, it's about a man named Aubrey his experience in the clouds. The story begins with him and his three friends about to jump out of this airplane to go tandem skydiving after the death of a friend. But while up in the plane, about to jump out something happens to the plane and Aubrey and his friends are forced out sooner than expected and on the way down something crazy happens within the clouds. I think they ending of the story is what saved it in my eyes. ( I gave it 3.5 stars)
     And Rain, the last and final of the short stories, narrated by my favorite, Kate Mulgrew, and to be honest I think her narration kicked it up a notch for me. So we follow Honeysuckle Speck on the day in which everything changed for her. What started out sounding like any normal summer rain storm turns out to be more like a rain storm of small needles falling down from the sky killing friends and neighbors alike. That's all I really want to give about the happening of the story, too much and it would give it all away. Just know it's a great read. (I gave it 5 stars)
     All in all I really liked this collection of short novels/novellas/stories and I'm glad I didn't wait till his next book was announced to pick it up and enjoy. 
     So while I might not have read all the nonfiction books that I had originally on my TBR for the month, but I am happy to have finally figured out how I like to digest my nonfiction. In graphic form I can really get a better sense of what the storyteller is really tying to show me. I can literally see the picture they are trying to paint and I can definitely get behind that. I already have in my mind some other nonfiction graphic novels in my mind for next November. So I would say that this was a success. If you participated in #nonfictionnovember what was your favorite read of the month and why?
     Come back tomorrow to check out what I'll be reading for December, spoiler alert: it's going to be 10 books. I need to read 10 books in December to make my Goodreads goal. I have some good ones picked out. And I have some last goals to get check off. Till then laters, and thanks for reading.                                                                                                                                             

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Nov 1, 2017


     It's that time again folks. Non Fiction November is upon us. Last year I didn't participate in this because I'm not really into that genre but I think this month I will give it a try. Now, due to last months major miss, I will not be holding my breath on these books but I will gives these a shot, mixed into whatever books I pick up for the month. Let's get to it.
     Now I have heard nothing, and I mean nothing but good things about each and every one of these books, two of them have been turned into movies and one I heard is AMAZING on audio. I kind have high hopes with this selection and If these books blow my mind like I think they will I would be more than happy to add them to my shelves and pass them on to people who are in need of a good nonfiction book. Most of these books I will be getting from my library since I don't own them but that's okay, thats what LIBRARIES ARE FOR! #Supportyourlocallibrary
Hidden Figures:
     My mama has been getting on me about reading this book since it was a SMASH hit in the box office and to be honest, it is something right up my alley. I have always be interested in the space program and to find out that these three BLACK women played an important role in the whole thing just give me all the life. And it makes me wonder why we haven't be taught these things in school or even in the MANY space movies that Hollywood has given us over the years. But it's whatever. I shall learn today. I also have the movie on hold for me at the library so I can watch that too finally. I'll be sure to have my tissues handy. I'm sure to cry out of sure #blackgirlmagic.
Born A Crime: 
     Trevor Noah is this South African comedy phenomena that has for a while now graced the small screen with his comedy specials and with his show, The Daily Show. And now we can get a glimpse of his life in this autobiography. Audible has the deal a while back where you can download this book for free, and I just jumped on it. I find Trevor very funny, from the clips that I have seen on his show, so when I saw that this was available I knew that I was going to go ahead and read it during #nonfictionnovember.
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks:
     I have only the slightest idea about what this book is about, obviously it's about the life and times of Henrietta Lacks, but the only other part of her story that I know about is the fact that they used her cells or genes to work out or make things to help humanity and they had stolen these from her and have been doing it FOR YEARS without her knowledge or consent. The movie starring Oprah Winfrey just came out this past year and once again, my tissues will be handy.

Bad Feminist: 
     This was the first book by Roxane Gay that I had brought, and It was only because I saw Nnenna over on SCSreads on Youtube talk about much she really enjoyed this book. And I guess it was how she worded it or gave her thoughts on the book that it has always peaked my interests and been on my shelves unread, but NO LONGER. I believe this books talks about Roxane's own personal position on being a feminist and I'm guessing how she is seen sometimes as a bad feminist. Now I consider myself a feminist, and sometimes I also consider myself a bad feminist, so I'm interested in what she has to say on the topic.
The Warmth of Other Suns: 
     I have had this book on my shelves for a very long time. Didi from BrowngirlReading had talked about this book years ago and it has always been on my mind. Seeing how blacks migrated once, I believe, slavery was over and how they traveled and set up new lives for themselves. I have read plenty of literary fiction, family, generational book about folks moving from the South to New York of California to search for a better life and why not get a nonfiction look at the same journey.
How To Be Black: 
     Another nonfiction book that I got from one of my favorite Youtube stars, Allyn on YupIReadIt talked about this book last year and I had found very reasonably priced on Thriftbooks and I was keeping it for just this occasion. It's supposed to be a satire/nonfiction book on blackness? *shrug* I'm not completely sure, but I remember her loving it and I've hear nothing but good things about the author, so yeah.  

     What are you planning on reading this month? Any nonfiction? Any Recommendations that you can give, that will be very helpful. And quick shout out to you for coming and reading my rants about books and shit, I appreciate that. Thank you. Hit me up down below and let me know what's up. 


Oct 29, 2017


     Welcome back! Did you enjoy this month? The weather here in Kentucky has definitely taken a hard right turn in the fall/winter direction and I'm here for it. One more month of nothing by 40-50 degree weather and I might have to just go ahead and turn on the heat. I really read some good books this month. I'm proud to say that I actually read 6 of the books that were on my TBR and I only had to DNF one book, you'll see that one later on. But I can say right now that my favorite books were definitely: Career of Evil, Akata Witch, Akata Warrior and Dolores Claiborne and Darktown. Everything else was a slight let down, but before I get ahead of myself, lets take a look at what I read this month.
The Silkworm-
   The second book in the Cormoran Strike series was waaaaaaay better than thought it was going to be and to be honest, I thought it was better than the first book. Being that I have finally caught up the series I will say that these books get better and better as they go on. This novel consists of Cormoran taking the case of the missing author. His wife suspects him to be off writing/finishing his new book, but once Cormoran gets really looking into the missing author (Owen Quine) and his new work, The Bombyx Mori, which seems to ruffle a lot of feathers so many things come to light that clearly the people depicted in Quine's new work will LOVE not to come to light. So its up to Comoran and Robin (I love their relationship) to get to the bottom of this before someone else is charged.
Jughead Vol. 1- 
     It was okay, I'm not sure what I was expecting, but yeah. It was just okay. I liked the artwork and the color schemes but the storyline/plot was kind of all over the place. But the main plot line, evil principal taking over Riverdale High and Jughead is the only one who can stop him. I was reading this for my first book in the #GetGraphic read-a-thon.
Career of Evil- 
     This one was definitely the best of the three. A severed leg has been delivered to Strike's office addressed to Robin and the hits just keep on coming. Compared to The Silkworm this novel was just as suspenseful and page turning, I can see now why people love this series so much. I also learned something else about myself while reading these books, that I have to read these books at a slower pace than I would normally read, only because I felt that if I read it any faster, I would miss out on the more slightest of clues to help with the case. This book also dealt something I haven't seen or heard of in a very long time called Body Integrity Identity Disorder or BIID. Which I think is something very fascinating, and I did some personal research on the matter. But back to the matter at hand, I really loved this book and now I just can't wait till the fourth book, Lethal White, comes out. Definitely will be pre-ordering it.
     And here is where I went off my own beaten path and picked up a book that I've had on my kindle for a couple of months now. See what had happen was the fact the Career of Evil fucked me. I love when I read a great 5 star book, but when it does happen the next book or books that I try and read after it quickly get the chop because they aren't the book I was perviously reading. It took me two days and starting and stopping three books on my prescribed TBR to come to this book and knock it out of the park. 
     It was a good mystery though. A rapper hires out to a local private detective who goes by the name IQ, but his real name is Isaiah Quintabe, his got a troubled pass but with the death of a close family member IQ has decided to use his gifts of patients and observation for good and help those who need it. The rapper has a hit out on him and it's up to IQ to figure out who's behind it and stop it. I liked this book, it was pretty fast paced, but the only thing that kind of got on my nerves was the flashing back and fourth from the pass to the present. I understand why Mr. Ide put those flashbacks in the book, they definitely gave the reader background on IQ and Dodson's relationship and how they came to be what they are. The second book, Righteous came out on the 17th of October and I hope the back and fourth time jumping is something that was just in the first book to establish background. 
Akata Witch- 
     FIVE FREAKING STARS, as usual. This book is so good. I love it. I know when the third books comes out, I will probably be reading this first book again for the third time because it's just that good. You can check out my review of the first book here.
Akata Warrior-
     Okay, real quick I don't know if anyone else picked up on this, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the fact that Sunny's spirit face is called Anyanwu which is a play off of Octavia E. Butlers' character of the same name in Seed to Harvest. Like I get so much life from that wee fact. So anyways, this book was great. It sucks that can't really go into much detail, this being the second book and all, but I must say, it was SSSOOOOO GGOOODDD! Like for real. Just read them already. The growth in the characters, not just with themselves but within their powers is just great and the personal struggles that Sunny, herself had to go through throughout this book, I think I'm most impressed with her growth and I feel that within these pages, you can see that Dr. Okorafor had gotten more comfortable writing about them. I can't wait till the next installment.
Dolores Claiborne-⭐.5
     This was such a haunting book. Doloris Claiborne was NOT  one of the Stephen King books that I wanted to read this month, but while sitting here doing my daughters hair I needed something to listen to that wasn't a cartoon and I just pressed play on my Overdrive and I DIDN'T TURN IT OFF TILL IT WAS OVER!! It was that good. It was haunting, I cried, I felt justice was done and at the same time. I loved Dolores' character, she was so strong and determined and reminded me VERY MUCH like my own mother. I called her the next day and I wanted to cry all over again thinking about the book. This has to be one of my favorites of Kings books that I've read. And again I'm not sure where to go from here with his books, but I digress. Dolores Claiborne is the story of a women who is accused of killing off her LONGTIME employer and we begin the book with Dolores coming into the police station to give her statement. What I liked the most about this book is that it was told in what I can only think of is just one LONG monologue. And it's Dolores telling her whole story how she became employed with her recently deceased boss/friend and she even talks about the rumors of her killing her husband in this small New England costal island town. You can tell in the movie where the elaborated on certain parts of the story that did happen, but not to the movies extent, but both are still very enjoyable. I would highly recommend this book.  
Midnight Crossroad- (Midnight Texas book 1)(Book 1 in the Dewey's 24-hour readathon)
     So I decided to go and try my hand at the Dewey's 24-hour readathon, and the first book that I picked up and finished during the readathon was Midnight Crossroad, and while I might like characters that inhabit the town, the book are kinda slow and it was almost was like nothing was happening in this book. Manifred is the newest person to move to Midnight, and he is a psychic. He moves to this town and he realizes that his neighbors aren't just regular people. But even with their differences, they stick together like family. Bobo, Fiji, Joe, Chuy, Oliva, Lemuel... all of them, they are interesting characters, but reading this installment was like a slice of life manga. But there was a murder and racist biker gangs, so it had it's moments but eh. It's not the Sookie Stackhouse series, I can tell you that.
Day Shift-⭐ (Midnight, Texas book 2 DNF @52%)
     This was supposed to be my second book in the readathon, but I passed out at midnight and didn't get to take a bigger chunk out of this one like I wanted. While, I wasn't sure I was going to pick up the next book in the Midnight, Texas series I needed to see if this one was going to kick it up a notch. It did not, but It was still enjoyable just the same. I read this one in one day. The Midnight Hotel has been renovated after many, many, many, many, many moons of abandonment and that of course is turning the heads of the residents of this small town as well as Manifred is in a heap of trouble after something has happened to one of his long time customers, and of course again, the town has come together to get him out of this mess. What I did like was the quick shout of a well known were-tiger (wink, wink). Again I'm sad to say that this one, was not as good as I had hoped it to be. Since I only have one more book to read in this series I'm just going to hold off on it. I just don't want to put myself through anymore blah books in this series. Had to DNF it. 
Darktown- (Darktown book 1)⭐.5
    I don't know what brought this on for me, but something about this one drew me in and I couldn't wait to read it. I saw it on the humble and I thought this might be something. It takes place in 1948 Atlanta, Georgia. It's a fictionalized account of the first 8 black officers on the Atlanta PD. In this story we follow two of the first black cops, Smith and Boggs and two white cops Rackstraw and Dunlow. Having taken place pre-cilvi rights era you can pretty much imagine what few black officers are going though on a daily bases, not being considered "real" to their white companions and even to their fellow black citizens. What brings the four together is the death of a pretty black girl and a retired white cop and Boggs and Smith are on the hunt for her killer, even if they aren't supposed to be. What I really enjoyed about this book is the characters and the mystery. I enjoyed this one so much, I'll definitely be reading the second one. Highly recommend. 
     This month was not the best. It was like I started pretty strong, but then everything just fell flat. I had, well at least I thought I had some really good books picked out,  but once I started reading the ones I had picked out, I couldn't get into them. This month, I just refused to read, just "okay" or "alright" books. If I couldn't get to the 100 page mark, I just gave up the ghost on it. Then I started to realize that I have started many books and hadn't gotten to the 100 page mark because they weren't giving me what I wanted. I wanted to read some seriously scary books, but the things I picked up weren't cutting the mustard for me. Now I'm not sure if for next month, which I wanted to get into #NonfictionNovember, but hey it's not like these books are going anywhere right? 
     So what did or didn't you read this month? Did you read any good scary books? Let me know down below. And I'll see ya'll laters! 

Oct 6, 2017


     For this  long weekend I'm really just reading one book, Career of Evil  by Robert Galbraith which I am LOVING so far and this one has to be my favorite of the three books. I swear these books get better and better with each installment. I'm so happy that I picked these up again. In this
installment Robin is sent a severed leg in the mail (not a spoiler it's in the first 10 pages) and this book, well the first 200 pages, has been Robin and Strike trying to narrow down who would send them a leg in the mail and trying to keep their business a float. I don't want to get too much into it being as this is the third book in the series, but if are on the fence about this series I would highly suggest that you pick these up. The mysteries very unique and will have you turning the pages faster than you can think, you won't be able to stop yourselves from falling for the characters.

     Also this weekend the ladies over at #GetGraphic on twitter are hosting another read-a-thon that starts today at 5p.m. your time and ends at midnight on the 8th of October. They have some challenges, they are:
  1. Read a new to you series.
  2. Read two installments of the same series.
  3. Read a graphic novel over 300 pages.
  4. Read a graphic novel that has black and white art.
  5. Read a graphic novel pick out by a friend.
  6. Read at least five works. 
     These are my five works that I would love to get to over the weekend Volumes 1 &2 of  Jughead and Ms.Marvel volumes 1, 2 & 3. I have always loved Archie when I was a kid and always read the comics, but these are new takes on one my beloved characters. With Ms. Marvel, I have previously read vol. 1 and 2 but vol. 3 was just recently released back in June, I have to catch up. These beautiful hardback editions are so lovely on my shelves. 

     Let me know if you're partaking in this #GetGraphic read-a-thon and if you have read any of these let me know down below.