Thursday, January 5, 2017

2017 Reading Goals

     So a new year is upon us and with that come the normal goals that we have for ourselves for the New Year. Some of us have weight goals, financial goals, relationships goals, but this here is a list of the reading goals I have set for myself. And I plan on holding myself accountable for each one and I want you to hold me accountable too.

On Goodreads, my trusty book companion, I have set my goal this year of 100 books. Now I know that that MIGHT sound crazy for some, but I have been able to read over 100 books for the pass two years with ease. Originally, I wanted to set my goal a little low, but I figure, why not right? Go big or go home.

     Since I have set my reading goal of 100 I have also set some goals within those 100 books that I wish to achieve this year:

  1. Read 5 nonfiction books (not my go to genre, but I have a few in mind)
  2. Read one Bernice McFadden book a month (last year I read four of her books and she quickly became of of my of favorite new authors.)
  3. Read 5 big books (and I mean books over 400 pages)✔ 
  4. I want to finish a series or two (or as many as I can)
  5. Read one Toni Morrison book
  6. Read one Gloria Naylor book
  7. Read one Zora Neale Hurston book ✔
  8. Read one Nalo Hopkins book
  9. Read more Science Fiction (by POC)
  10. Read more Fantasy (by POC)
  11. Keep up with my Comics and Manga
  12. Read at least two English Classics
  13. Read the next book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series ✔
  14. Finish the Easy Rawlins Series
  15. Take part in some read-a-thons (#ReadSoulLit ✔, #MarchMysteryMadness ✔, etc.
     I also have some blog goals that I have set for myself, since this isn't exactly my first blog (I had a LiveJournal account for like 5 years) I have some ideas as to where I want to take this:
  • Review most of the books that I read (which isn't too hard since I do that anyway with Goodreads.)
  • Participate in Top 5 Wednesday 
  • Participate in Tuesday Talks
  • Hauls
  • Anticipated book releases 
  • Manga Monday (something of my own creation?)
But slow and steady wins the race right?

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