Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tuesday Talks- Gifted book that I held no interest in

     Tuesday Talks is a Goodreads group run by Janie at the Bookworms Buddy and Janelle at MrsJRodsReads and every Tuesday they have a new topic for us to discuss and this week the topic is:

Have you been gifted a book you had no interest in?

   Since I am not one of those people who get books for X-mas or B-day's I don't have many but here are two books that I have received as X-mas gifts that at first I thought, okay yeah, not really feeling this one. Or never heard of this I'll have to look them up later.

     The 5th wave by Rick Yancey is a book that I had received as a gift. But now that some time has gone pass and I have given a real looked into it, I can see me giving this a book a real chance at being read. I know it's a YA book about an alien invasion. I know that it's the first in a trilogy and there was a movie of the same name made. And knowing myself, I won't even watch the movie until I have read the book.



     Tales of Beedle the Bard was at the second book that I had gotten, and I'm not going to lie, I was extra confused by it. At first it didn't register with me what I was actually holding. It wasn't until I was randomly having a HP movie-a-thon that I realize what was given to me! I then proceeded to read through some of the stories with Ron, Hermione, and Harry. This book is in it's rightful place on my shelves with the rest of my HP books and it has become on of my most cherished books.


   So if you have read theses books let me know down below (no spoilers please) Also let me know what other books you have received as a gift that you weren't interested in. I'd like to know. Hit me up 👇down below.👇


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