Thursday, February 2, 2017

January Wrap Up

     I read 13 books in the month of January, which I am very proud of. I read mostly standalones, started another series, and continued some series that I started last year. I even think I have a new book or two to add to my favorites shelf. I read:

     Two manga comics, both by Kohske called Gangsta. I really like this series, I used to watch the anime but I have heard that it has gone on hiatus and I hope that they continue with the manga at least. I gave vol. 3 three stars and vol. 4 four stars. It's about these two Handymen, named Nicolas and Worick. I can't give too much away, spoilers.

     One single issue comic book. This single issue comic is just the start of this series about a young boy and his first day at his new all boys school and his trying to find an after school club to be apart of. It was really cute, I gave it 3 stars. I can see this being epic. It reminded me of Lumberjanes, which was really cute and all about the magic of friendship and what not.

       One graphic novel, after reading Kindred by Octavia Butler, I was fortunate enough to grab a copy of the newly released graphic novel based on the book from my library. I thought this was very well done. It could have been more graphic to go with the book, but I can only guess as to why they did what they did. I still recommend it to people to give a read, AFTER you have read the novel first. It's only right. I gave this graphic novel 4 stars

   One children's book. I started this book with my daughter last year about this same time. I have always been a fan of George and Martha ever since I used to watch their show that would come on HBO Family way back in the day. So when I was going through the kids section on Thriftbooks and saw this, I just had to get it. It's a 340 page book that holds seven books with five stories each. She loves when I try and do the voices of the characters. Each book tells of stories of friendship and acceptance and they are just cute. This got a 4 stars from my daughter.

      One bookshot. Some time during the month in-between the seven listed above I had picked up another bookshot by James Patterson and his team. I rated this one two stars. It wasn't as good as I wanted it to be. A couple of months ago, December I believe, Amazon had all (or at least it looked like all) of his bookshots on sale for $1.99 each. I couldn't pass that up so I picked up three and this was the first of that batch that I read. I wrote a short review on my goodreads page about it. You can check it out here

     And seven books below, were I guess the meat and potatoes of my month. I wrote reviews on four of the books, which can be found here on my blog. I am very happy with what I read and I'm happy to see overall a good mixture of things in my wrap up. From slave narratives, to Japanese manga, middle grade, LGBTQA+ comics, science fiction, paranormal and thriller. I love it when I have a good group of books to look back on. Makes me feel like a well rounded reader.  Hopefully I can keep this up for the rest of the year.


     Thanks it for me folks, let me know 👇down below👇 what you read in January? Did you find some new favorites? Lets chop it up. And I'll see ya'll on the flip side. Thanks for stopping by.


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