Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Top 5 Wednesday - Current Favorites that Aren't Books

     Top 5 Wednesday is a Goodreads Group ran by Lainey at GingerReadsLaniey and Samantha at ThoughtsonTomes and every Wednesday they give us a topic to blog/chat about. This week it is:

Current Favorites that Aren't Books

-- Sometimes it's nice to take a break from books and talk about some other things you've been obsessed with. These all don't have to be in the same category. Mix it up! What TV shows have you been enjoying, makeup you've been wearing, food you've been eating, etc.??

1. Sushi:
     I love sushi and I have never not once found an occasion where sushi shouldn't be eaten. Birthday celebrations, X-mas, Thanksgiving, a random Monday when I'm having the Monday blues it's all fair game. Sushi for the win!

2. The Magicians (TV) Show: 
    This is a new show that has recently caught my eye. I marathon the whole first season, thanks to Netflix and I'm just as excited for season 2. It's a Syfy show, and yes there are books by Lev Grossman (which I haven't read, shame on me) It's a very adult show that deals with magic and a magical world and its connection to the "real world" it's a fun show and I love it.


3. Wine:    Being an adult I enjoy adults beverages. Tequila used to be my drink of choice, but I have since moved over to wine. Whenever I go to Cleveland, Ohio, I always stop by Gallucci's and get a case of their white mascot wine. The cases holds four gallons of wine and it lasts me ages!

4. Bigelow English Teatime tea
     During those moments when I'm not drinking my adult beverage and besides my coffee I am faithfully drinking some tea. I have never been a hot chocolate fan, but tea yes. With a bit of honey and a dash of cream I'm all for it.


5. Funk Pop Toys:
     I may not have the most extensive collection as some people, but the ones that I do own, I have for a reason. I would guess to say that I would have more than 20 but less than 50 funky pops. And they range of characters that I own. Some of my favorite ones are my Doctor Who ones (still waiting on Martha to be made). My Sailor Moon collection and my Supernatural ones are probably my favorites of my collection.

Let me know some things that you are loving that aren't book related! Video games, a sport drink that you can't love without, a pair of headphones? Let me know👇down below👇 and let's chat it up.



  1. Sushi. Heaven will have 24/7/365 sushi. No doubt on that. A chocolate. And lobster. What a fun list!

    Lisa @

    1. Hahahaha yes. I LOVE Sushi. If you ever get a chance to visit Okinawa, Japan I would say to take it! They have some of the best sushi and ramen I have ever tasted! Thanks for commenting, and I'll be sure to check out your too.