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     Here's what I read in the month of May. I am proud of myself that I read what was on my TBR and that I had enough time to actually read more. So yea...Let's get to it.

     Dead Ever After- Such a great ending to a great series, I have loved this series since it first came out and I'm happy to say that I have for filled my goal of reading and finishing the last three books of this series. I prolly plan on re-reading this whole series again some years down the line, once I've given myself time to forget some of the details. I'm still #TEAMBILLCOMPTON no matter what the outcome is.

     The Real Cool Killers- This gritty mystery had me all the way till the last page. I love how gritty and raw Mr. Himes writes his books. Grave Digger and Coffin Ed are two of the most law bending cops and since this story is taking place in the 60's-70's the racism is pretty blunt throughout the entire book. But I liked this book, and I want to continue reading this series. It is a tale of a white man who gets gunned down on the street and Grave Digger and Coffin Ed are on the hunt for his killer. But who actually does the deed is someone I never suspected.

     Dawn-  is the first alien invasion book that I have ever read. I had no idea what this trilogy was about when I picked it up. It is a pretty short book and the first of three in the Xenogenesis Trilogy (or Lilith's Brood). It is about a woman named Lilith who is awaken after the Earth is destroyed (by nuclear apocalypse) and these aliens, called the Oankali, come and take who is left on the Earth and they cure them (of any genetic disorders like cancers), and they want to help save humanity by studying humans and trading with them. But by trading with them, crossbreeding happens and humans are resistant to this, anger ensues, it's crazy. But Lilith is supposed to be that bridge that binds the newly awaken and saved humans to these Onakali, but in doing so she has made herself a pariah with the other humans. 

     Rapture in Death-Is the book 4 in the In Death Series. I figured out who the killer was pretty early in the book, but it I still loved it. Officer Peabody is probably my favorite character in the books. And I really, really need someone to pick this up, hopefully SyFy, and turn these books into a great futuristic/cop television show. I don't think I can stand another hospital show. In this book multiple suicides have taken place, and while no one is calling foul play, Eve is suspicious about every death and starts to put the pieces together almost too late, but it ended in her favor (of course it did lol)

 A Feast of Crows-
The fourth installment in the A Song of Ice and Fire series was not as good as the pervious book, but it was still good none-the-less. There were moments when I was in my car listening to this audiobook (which I highly recommend) yelling because I thought a character that I love had died. This one pretty much dealt with all the happenings in the south, which encompasses the Iron Islands, Highgarden and Dorne. For me, all the chapters of Brienne made it worth the while  and I grew to love her character more and more. #BRIENNETHEMADIENOFTARTH

     The Fireman-This is the third book by Joe Hill that I have read and it was great. But to me, the only downside is that the last like 50 to 70 pages dragged for me. I say that because I just couldn't see what else could really happen with this story. If you want, you can see my review here. (<-- Click) It's not crazy long, but never-the-less, this was still a great book. The audio version was done by the awesome Kate Mulgrew. 
     Cross the Line-The 24th book in the Alex Cross Series was sooo disappointing. It didn't have the flare that I was hoping for. And I'm hoping that the next book, coming out this year, is better, cause man look, it was just not hitting it for me. It read very mediocre and it was just meh. What I did find crazy was the fact that you see Alex's son Damon go to college. I remember when he was accepted to that private school up north and his youngest son Ali was just born. The growth in the characters was nice to see.  
my "wait, what?" face
      Adulthood Rites-
After giving my mind a bit of a break, I went and decided to go ahead and read the second book in the Xenogenesis Trilogy. For a hot second the amount of time that jumped from the ending of the first book to the beginning of this one kinda shook me but it was an easy recovery lol. In this second installment it is mainly told from the POV of Lilith's son Akin. Akin was taken from the Lo (his village on the newly populated Earth) and is sold by raiders to another village for supplies, food and whatever else they can get for him. It's a story about his journey of survival, and a bit of an education for him. Getting to see how humans who resist the Oankali live and survive and how they really do fear what they do not understand. It really deals with his connection to those resisters and how the Oankali don't like it. Which is crazy because the resisters don't really think he belongs with them either, yeah girl.

     Ceremony in Death-I wasn't planning on reading this one, but during those moments when I wanted to give my mind a break from Ms. Butler, I couldn't help but pick up the next book in this series. I am just in love with it. This one starts off with a death of a retired cop, Feeney's mentor and Eve is put on the case, because she's the best. But as she starts to dwell into his death another body is found outside her house and witches both light and dark are also thrown into the mix. Now look, I like witches, but sometimes their addition to storylines can altar a great story and make it turn to crap. Eve of course doesn't believe in this witches and spell casting that is, Peabody is on the fence and Roarke, well he's on the side of better to be safe than sorry. What I like about this one is that in the end, people are just people and no amount of smoke and mirrors can cover up murder.

     Nine books aren't bad for the month, and that brings me up to 51 books on my Goodreads challenge. But since i'm reading a bind up of Xenogenesis, Dawn and Adulthood Rites won't count until I have read the third book in the trilogy. I'm very happy with what I read this month. The Fireman was probably the best thing I read, while the Alex Cross book was probably the worst. I also have a feeling that maybe alien invasion books aren't my cup of tea.

Until next time, let me know what you read this month. If you have read any of the books I've talked about chit chat with me down below about em'.


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