Friday, June 2, 2017



     Okay, so let me break this down right quick. Gideon is a hitman, but that's not his real name. He's on the hunt for a woman named Thelma, but there's more to her that you think. At the beginning of the book you are with Gideon as he takes on a job killing a preacher, and then we follow Gideon to England to take on another job, but when he gets there, right from the moment he gets off the plane Gideon is looking over his shoulder.

     The book is told in first person POV you go on this ride with Gideon from the states to England and all his adventures. At first, the writing, or style, kinda through me off and it took about a chapter or two to realize this was Gideon being cold and distant, trying to make sure to never loose focus on his goals. While we're with Gideon we take flashbacks at his life up to this moment, everything that has lead to him being in London, his childhood, his previous jobs and all that jazz. On the other side of this you get the POV of the mad with the broken nose, he goes by the name Bruno, but that isn't his real name either and he is also a hitman. Now his reasons for being on the other side of the pond have nothing to do with Gideon at first, but then he gets a package  and it all goes sideways from there.

     What I liked most about this book was the action. The suspense the thrill of the kill was everything. Even the sexy time parts weren't anything to laugh at. I liked the voices of the characters and even some of the side characters (FYI: Arizona is a messy bitch) were great. There were moments I laughed, moments of shock, it was such a great read. I'm so disappointed in myself that it took me YEARS to read this book. I'm glad I finally gave it a chance.  That ending was crazy good and it had me on the edge of my seat!!! OMG I will definitely be continuing this series.

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