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    Easy, going about his normal life, still trying to get over the death of his best friend Mouse when a friend of his calls and asks for a favor. This is the moment when Easy should have taken a hard pass on the favor, but being who he is, doing something for someone else perked him up a bit. Now still grieving the loss of his friend, Easy is asked to find Brawly Brown. His mama is looking for him, but he doesn't seem to want to be found. Easy has heard that he has started running with this local group called the First Men or the Urban Revolutionary Party.
"Their voices might have seemed angry to someone who didn't know the gruff bark of the American Negro's soul. Those men and woman were far beyond anger, though. They were expressing a desire for love and revenge and for something that didn't exist - had never existed. That's why they were there. They were going to create freedom to of the sow's ear called America. The believed in the spirit of the Constitution and not the direction of the cash register." (p. 44, Mosley)
     Sounds like something familiar huh? That is what really drew me into this story. Being as this is an Easy Rawlins story, you know it's never just as simple as it starts out being. Cop raids, dead bodies, a stash of weapons, 3am phone calls, the works. All while Easy is trying to keep his home life safe and on normal progression. I'm loving it.

     Edit/In addition: Of course this book is dripping with race relations and what would be deemed as a "terrorist" group outlook/activities from police eyes, and what it means to be a black man in 1964, rising a family, owning your own home and car. Its crazy the correlation from the police/government activities in a book of fiction have to the daily lives of black folks in 2017 . I think that's what I really love about Mosley's work. It stands the test of time and it can really hit home.
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