Sunday, June 11, 2017

#GettingGraphic Readalong 📚

     @GetGraphicReads is run by @kittygbooks + @robertson_elena to share their love of all things graphic, comic + artsy. On the 17th of June they are hosting a read along on twitter and I believe this is the second go around for this readalong.

     I have a whole stack of comic that I want to read, and here is a short video of all the books that I have to read. Don't mind my daughters voice in the background, she was being funny, making up name, things kids do. Like I said I have a WHOLE stack to read. Since the readalong is only one day long I'll see how much I can get through. 

     I'm pretty excited about this one. I have been meaning to get to these books for over a year or so. Let me know if you have ever read any of these or if you are participating in the readalong. 


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