Thursday, June 22, 2017


     This month I have received/brought 15 physical books and a couple of ebooks for 1.99 or so. But today I want to show you all the beautiful books that I brought over the course of the month. None of them at full price. One book is from my BOTM subscription. And the other two stacks can be divided between Thriftbooks and Book Outlet. It should be painfully obvious that I am really excited about each and every book that I have purchased.

     An Extraordinary Union is a book that I won on Twitter from the lovely ladies over at MochaGirlsRead. It is the first book in The Loyal League series. It's a historical romance book set during the Civil War era.

     And as you can see there are four books by Ken Liu. Which I am dying to read, The Dandelion Dynasty books sounds like some awesome fantasy books that I would like to get into, at least one this year. They are very massive though. I also go two short story collections one translated by him, Invisible Planets (Chinese SF) and The Paper Menagerie, which is a collection of his story stories fantasy again.

   I try not to buy books mainly one their covers, but The Trees by Ali Shaw has to be one of the most gorgeous books I have ever seen, so yes, that's why it is in the stack. I mean really, look at it. This picture does it no real justice.

     The Ancestors, Dark Dreams and Dark Matter: Reading the Bones are three short story collections that I have been looking for (reasonably priced and in good condition) a very long time. African American short stories featuring horror, thriller, paranormal and speculative fiction. I'm all ears.

     How to Be Black has been added to my Nonfiction November TBR, after hearing so many good things about it from Booktube.

     My Soul to Take is book four in the African Immortals series by Tananarive Due which is another series that I am finishing up this year.

     I also picked up another Nnedi Okorafor book, The Shadow Speaker is another one of her YA books about a young girl in West Africa in the year 2070, who is searching for fathers killer and also dealing with the fact that she has mystical powers.

    Cinnamon and Gunpowder has been on my radar for a long time, female pirate takes male chef as her prisoner, historical fiction, I can dig it.

     And last but not least, is The Striver's Row Spy. Been creeping on this one for months! But due to it's not so good reviews I have been hesitant about it, but I found an exlibrary edition, in great condition that I couldn't pass up.

     Let me know if you have read any of these books I have shown above or if you have purchased any good books you want to share. Hit me up.


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