May 2, 2018


 by Alex DeCampi and Victor Santos
Hardcover, 224 pages by Galley 13
Publication Date: July 17th, 2018

     I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy of Bad Girls by Alex DeCamp and Victor Santos from NetGalley. It is set in December 1958, New Year's Eve in Cuba. Talks of a missile crisis flood the airwaves and at a club called, El Edén. This NSFW adult comic follows three women, all from different backgrounds who find themselves in some unlikely positions on this New Year's Eve and now that their lives are in danger they have them coming up with a plan to leave Cuba for good, tonight with 6 million dollars.
     I thought the graphics were great, it reminded me of a mix between Frank Miller and Darwyn Cook's work on Batman Beyond with the angles in the faces and their use of shadows. At the same time having their very own unique style. The coloring was good, it works for the story. The characters were fun Ana was probably my favorite and I enjoyed the fact that none of them is 100% good but at this moment it was more about survival than anything else. The story was fast paced with the blend of music playing into the scenes adding a good touch without overpowering them.

TW: rape, violence against women, racial slurs

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